ENH Requests after spending time in TC

1. Multiple selection everywhere it currently doesn't exist.

A killer for managing large projects as there's way too much ui clicking going on.

2. Ability to disable a build configuration

I have to do steps individually

3. Descriptions for anything with a title/name

4. Search field should work against object graph

Very painful to not be able to find references to parameters, etc. in graph.

5. Create a TeamCity DSL runner

I could create a form (say NewTeamCityProject) with prompts for values then inside TC build runner I could script against your DOM and easily add projects, vcs roots, etc.


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Hi Mike,

  1. Could you please provide examples where you would like to see multiple selection?
  2. You can pause build configuration: open build configuration > Actions > Pause Triggers. If a build configuration is paused, its automatic build triggers are disabled until the configuration is activated. Still, you can start a build of a paused configuration manually or automatically as a part of a Build Chain. Is this what you need?
  3. We have "?" which link the documentation section. The UI will be overloaded if we add description for everything. Could you please give some examples where you want to see it?
  4. Please provide an example. Are you speaking about Search field in the upper right corner?
  5. Have you tired to use templates and meta-runners? Do they meet your needs? Please create a feature request in our tracker.

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