Artifact properties are not preserved

Is there any way to stop file properties being thrown away when they're copied around by being included in artifact paths ?

The specific case I'm struggling with is the removal of the executable bits from unix files being copied between unix machines (or between folders on the same unix machine).

For background, our planned TC structure is/was:
-  separate builds for a number of 'programs' on Win,Mac,Unix
   - each 'program' comprises one or more executable binaries, some may also have executable scripts
   - these builds are triggered by changes to the relevant source repo
-  separate builds for a number of products
   - each product comprises an executable installer
   - each product is constructed from (i.e. dependent on) several 'programs'
   - 'default' products (for auto-testing changes) are triggered by dependent changes, the rest are scheduled separately

and we were expecting that:
- our developers & testers would be able to grab copies of built 'programs' in a ready-to-run form
- the final product installers would actually be runnable.

Given the discarding of exe attributes, is there any way to use artifact dependencies to support this scenario ?

As an aside, it seems an odd thing for a build system to arbitrarily mess with the files its handling - maybe its a side effect of using the default "write once run anywhere" Java approach ?
It does kind of undo all of the work Samba and the like do to get this stuff right.

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We have the related issue: Please watch/vote for it.
The current workaround is to pack artifacts into .tar.gz on uploading and extract on downloading.


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