Run build configuration for multiple Visual Studio Configurations

Hi everybody!

My company is developing software in .NET and C++ and we want to replace our old CCNet build server with a modern one.
I'm investigating TeamCity 9 and the new TFS-2015 from Microsoft.

What is a nice feature in TFS-2015 is the so called "Multiconfiguration" option.
A single build-configuration can be run multiple times for multiple solution configurations (Release|x86 and Release|x64), the build will produce x86 and x64 output from one build-run with the same build-number and so on.
See for details.

How can the same be achieved with TeamCity?


I like TeamCity better because of its meta-runners ;)

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Hi Herbert,

Unfortunately it is not possible to run one build for multiple solution configurations now. Please vote for the related request:,
The current approach is to create multiple build configurations based on template.


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