Is it possible to include a Build Feature as part of a Meta Runner?

I'm in a Windows environment and have abstracted our NuGet Pack/Publish runner steps into a single meta runner. We use ProGet instead of the built in TeamCity NuGet feed.

Our ProGet feed is secured with LDAP using a service account on our domain, so I am using the NuGet Feed Credentials build feature for authentication.

I would like to find a way to include the NuGet Feed Credentials build feature as part of the meta runner. Is this possible? Right now I am manually adding the feed credentials to each build (or template) where I use the meta runner. This kind of duplication smells to me...

I am using templates to standardize my builds where I can but the meta runner would be used in both my templated builds and non templated builds (one off and legacy projects.) The password for the ProGet feed must be stored as a secure string because our developers love to find work arounds into production and can not be trusted.

Any suggestions or alternate approches? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Chris,

No, it is not possible to include build feature in Meta Runner. The current approach is to use template.
Here is the related feature requests:, Please watch/vote for them.


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