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I have two short projects. Each is able to complete within 40 seconds.
TC should not start additional cloud agent for second project.
Both projects will run on first agent before additional cloud agent will be ready.
I use AWS cloud agents. It takes about 5 minutes befor agent is ready.

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Hi Roman,

Please see the related request: Does it cover your needs?

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Hi Alina,

No, it does not.

Let me provide you an example.

Project #1 P1: time to execute (Duration) is 40 seconds
Project #2 P2: time to execute (Duration) is 35 seconds

Suppose we already have one cloud agent A1 running.

At some time T0 some triggers makes P1 and P2 to start.

TC will place P1 on A1. P2 will go into queue. As we have non empty queue, another cloud agent A2 will start.

At time T0+40 seconds project P1 will complete and project P2 will be assigned to A1. Agent A2 still starting.

At time T0+40+35 seconds project P2 will complete. Agent A2 still starting.

At time T0+5 minutes A2 is ready to serve projects, but queue already empty.

5 minutes is time to start EC2 instance and upgrade TC Agent before it become available.

Hope this example is clear.
Thank you,

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Thank you for provided example. It makes it clearer. You are speaking about quiet period for starting cloud agents, please vote for:


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