TeamCity Snapshot Dependency With Params


I'm have a slight issue getting my snapshot dependencies to work and was hoping someone could help, here's my setup:

1. Get Package - User is prompted to enter a build number to fetch a package from somewhere else (sub project)
2. Promote to DEV (sub project)
   Step a) Provision
      This has a snapshot dependency on 1
      Artefact dependency on 1

   Step b)  Run Tests

     This has a snapshot dependency on 1
     Trigger on step a completing

   Step c)  Deploy

    This has a snapshot dependency on 1
    Trigger on step b completing

The problem i have is when 2 c deploy kicks off it adds 1. Get package is added to the queue but it fails because it can't pick up the original build number.

Is there anyway I can get around the params and snapshots issue?



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Hi Dan,

You can pass property value down the build chain using reverse.dep.<btID>.<property name>, see how to perform it:   


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