Build History Cleanup process running a very long time

We run our build history cleanup process nightly for the past couple of year.  We are using TeamCity 7.1.4.  We have ample diskspace, but like to keep the server operating at optimal.
The process normally takes between 30 - 40 minutes. Last night the process was still running for 5 hours before we decided to restart services.  I have taken a few thread dumps prior to restart (attached).  
Please let me know what caused this and how I can prevent it in the future.

Please let me know if any other information is required.

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Hi Jayesh,

TeamCity 7.1.4 is an outdated version which is not currently supported. Please upgrade to the newer version (latest one at the moment is 9.0.5). Since TeamCity 9.0 clean-up is performed in background, which means that there is zero maintenance downtime. And also there were made some improvements in clean-up process.


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