Branch Filter format for excluding certain branches

Hi there, I am trying to figure out how to format the Branch Filter for a Notification Rule to exclude a specific branch. We have an internal team and an external team, but only the external team should get build failure notifications when their branch build fails. I think my issue might be because my branch has a space in it or something to do with using default.

Right now I have this for the All Users group Build Fail notification rule Branch Filter:
-:<ProjectX BranchY>

And for the group that has a list of the external users, I have the "Builds from only the selected project: <ProjectX BranchY>" selected.

However, when a build fails for that project, it's still emails all users. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for any help.


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Hi David,

Do you use the "logical branch name" in the Branch filter? A logical branch name is a branch name shown in the user interface for the builds and on build configuration level.
For example if the branchname is feature1,then the rule should be:
without "<>" symbols.

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Hi Alina, thanks for the reply. Maybe I don't understand exactly what the "logical branch name" is. If I edit a project, there is Name, Proejct ID, and Description. I don't see branch name. If I edit a Build Configuration as you mentioned, there isn't a field or even anything on the page that has "branch" in the name.
Are "branches" and "projects" the same thing?

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No, projects and branches are not the same things. The branches are branches in Git or Mercurial, for example "refs/heads/master" or "refs/heads/develop" branches. To start working with branches in TeamCity, you need to tell TeamCity which of them need to be monitored. This is done via the branch specification field of the VCS root which accepts a list of names or patterns of branch names to watch. When the branches are configured, you will be able to start builds on different branches and they will shown in UI:
Here master and develop are logical branch names. For more details please see
If you want to send notifications for branches in one project then you can check "Builds from the selected project", select the project and configure branch filter for this project.

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Feature branches have not been setup in our TC yet. Does this mean we'll be unable to resolve this issue?

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In notification rule in Branch Filter you can specify only branches that are monitored by TeamCity (listed in branch specification). If you want to send notifications if build on specific branch failed then you have to use Feature Branches.


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