How to trigger build from JavaScript (REST API)


I'm trying to trigger a build from JavaScript. When I try the following code, I get "400 (Bad Request)"

            var data = {
                buildType: {id: buildTypeId}

                dataType: "json",
                contentType: "application/json",
                success: function(){console.log(data);}

Am I doing something wrong? "buildQueueUrl" has the value of "/httpAuth/app/rest/buildQueue"

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I was supposed to pass "jsonp" instead of "json" to dataType. I changed the code and tried it out, but I got the same result.

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Hi Hayato,

jsonp is not supported, only application.xml and application/json are.
I'd recommend getting the right request with a sinple tool like curl or some other request sender and then making sure JavaScript code sends the same request.
Examples, though with XML can be found in the doc.


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