Root-level templates and VCS roots in TC9

I have a system with three Subversion VCS roots; they all follow the typical structure:

  • root
    • branches
      • branch1
      • branch2
    • tags
      • tag1
      • tag2
    • trunk

I have then set up projects below the root project, one for each VCS root; and for the root project, I have created two build templates - one for continuous integration, and one for nightly builds.

What I want to do is create a build configuration for each combination of VCS root and build template - not quite the feature-branch support that Git/Mercurial support but SVN does not, but the idea is there. I have configuration parameters defined at the root level that are then overridden by the projects to specify the ID of the VCS root,or the relative path to the branch to build.

What I cannot figure out is how to associate a parameterised VCS root with a template, and how to get the build.vcs.number for that repository, which will then be used in the build number.

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Hi David,

You can create needed parameterised VCS roots in Root project, create templates in Root project and attach VCS roots to these templates. Is it what you need? If not, then please clarify your question.
When the build started the parameters in VCS root are resolved, so you can you can use the build.vcs.number property as build number.
BTW, to checkout needed branches you can configure checkout rules using configuration parameters.


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