How to include Branches in app/rest/projects API call?

We are building a little app to display build status for our TeamCity Server.  We are breaking it down by Project > BuildConfig > Branch and displaying the latest build per branch.

I am able to grab the build list easy enough, and am able to grab the Projects and include the BuildConfigs at the same time.





I cannot figure out a way to include the branches in that url, so I am having to call:


to get a list of the branches, which means a hit on the server for every BuildConfig which seems excessive.

Any idea how to get the Branches included in the projects url, or is there a way to get all Branches for each config in one url call?

Thanks for any advice in advance.


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Hi Mike,

It is not possible to include branches in /rest/projects call. You can use the following request to get the list of "N" builds on all branches in all build configurations in a project:

or in all projects:

For more details see the related comment.
However it is not possible to show one latest build in all build configurations per branch.

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