MSTest with a non zero exit code

Hi, I am configuring TeamCity for the first time.

The Build Step that builds my project works perfectly (MSBuild), but when I try to add MSTest it all breaks. I have looked online and the most common reason I saw was a Symantec SEP or a dotCover issue. I updated dotCover and don't use Symantec SEP, so I am at a loss of where to look next.

I am thinking it may be an issue with a path configured somewhere on my box, but I don't know what path to look at. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!\

Thank you.

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Hi James,

What is the result if you run MSTest on the same agent in the same checkout directory via command line (not using TeamCity)? Does it run successfully?
Please follow this guideline in our documenation: It should help you to understand where does the problem come from.


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