Finished Build Trigger - Specify Branch

I have a number of Projects (A, B, C)
They all have build and deploy on a branches develop, release/v* and master they deploy into develop, release and master environments
but are on different release cycles

I have an integration test suite that I want to run whenever a new version is deployed via one of the builds for the above projects.
It works fine for default branch...
But i need a way to specify a branch mapping so any deployment to a release branch from project A, B, C triggers the build on release branch for the integration build

I have tried snapshot dependencies however the release branch names are different for each project and it seems to confuse TC as it just builds develop
Project A release/v1.1
Project B release/v2.3

Needs to trigger release branch for integration...
Any thoughts on how to do this without having a build per environment?

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Hi Adam,

The recommended approach is to configure separate Tests build configuration for A, B and C projects and use snapshot dependencies. So you will have three separate build chains and will be able to see the status of each chain. You can use templates to simplify the setup.
Also we have the related request:, please vote for it.

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I have voted for the issue.
The tests are in their own repository... so whilst develop and master will match Project A, B and C
The release branches will not....
I can write a script to custom pull down the correct branch based on the trigger branch


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