Fresh 9.1 install, build agent constantly updating, and configuring build steps for protractor testing?

Hi Everyone

I just did a fresh install of TeamCity 9.1 on a windows server and have it connected to my github.

There's two things I'm not sure of right now, and thats

1) how to do the build steps to get protractor running, and

2) (PROBABLY THE MORE IMPORTANT ONE FOR THE TIME BEING) My Build Agent is constantly updating itself. I can see it in the Agents section on my TeamCity interface, but it is going back and forth between the Disconnected tab with inactivity reason: Agent has unregistered (will upgrade), and then going into the Connected tab, but then immediately back into Disconnected.

What's up with this?

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In the logs for upgrade, there's alot of errors - at the bottom, some skipped copies and skipped deletes, below that some delete errors, but before any of that happens, a number of files are throwing Failed to Copy errors with explanation that they are being used by another process and can not be accessed.

How do I fix this? Can I just uninstall and reinstall the agent? How do I do that?

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Problem solved, Use the TeamCity browser UI to delete this agent, and install a new one.


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