Cannot generate ordered parameter select lists


This is really a vote to treat as a bug the issue raised here:

Briefly, if you define a parameter as a select list with more than 3 or 4 options then the order in which you enter these options in the gui will not be preserved
when a user displays the list, for example when running an ad hoc build.
The reason is that the list as generated by TeamCity uses key-value pairs where the keys have the form <fieldname>_number, where number increases
(by more than 1) as each option is added, these number values are then used to sort the displayed list, but this sort is textual not numeric so, for example,
item '3' appears after item '12'.

The fix is to hand-edit the generated list in the raw data box, but you have to remember to redo this each time you change the the number of items in the list.
Not a major problem, but irritating.

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I have created the request in our tracker: Please watch and vote for it.


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