Trigger a build when any of the dependent build configurations succeed

Hello all,

I have been using teamcity for a while now as our CI platform. I am stuck at a situation where i would like to trigger build configuration A when any of the other build configurations such as A1, B1, C1 succeed
I am aware of FINISH BUILD TRIGGERS but not been able to make it work in this situation

Is there any straight forward way of getting this done?
Also is it possible to trigger a build configuration through a PS script passing all the required params? Are they any REST APIs for this..

Really hoping to get some good ideas around the same.

- A

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Hi Amit,

If you need to trigger build configuration A after each run of A1, B1 or C1, then you can configure three finish build triggers in build configuration A. What problems did you face? Why it does not work for you?
Yes, you trigger build a build via REST API. See how to perform it:


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