Deleting TeamCity backup history

Whenever I'm doing an upgrade of TeamCity I will run a backup via the web admin pages (Administration> Backup> Run backup).
Frequently the upgrade install also offers to do a backup as part of the upgrade and I will also do that.

However now I've got several old backups sitting in the backup history for my buildserver and I'd like to clean them up like I can the build history.
I can see no way in the web admin site to delete these backup zip files, and if I manually delete the files from disk they're still listed in the backup history table although they'll no longer have a link to download the zip file.

Am I missing something, or do I need to manually go into the database and delete the records, and remove the files from disk?


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At the moment the only available way to delete this files is to remove records from the database. But we do not recommend to change database manually.
I created the issue in our tracker to rework this table: Please vote for it.


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