Need help with adding Unit testing aspect to Teamcity

I had been given the task of integrating : SVN + MSBuild + TeamCity + Fortify -> Deploy package on to a server ?:|

The application I am planning to deploy has got three projects under its solution, a WCF, MVC & a Daemon. There are unit test developed only for the MVC layer. But as of now, the tests are carried out manually. Also, the tests are already being defined in the code base of the MVC project.

I was just wondering how would it be possible to integrate these tests into the pipline, so that when I trigger a build on Teamcity , I want the solution to be build & the unit tests carried out & the package be ready for deployment.

Can anybody please help me on this. :(
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Hello Najma,

You can compile the project using MSBuild runner. Then run unit tests in TeamCity using NUnit runner. Also there are alternative ways to configure NUnit tests reporting in TeamCity:

TeamCity does not have any bundled deployment tools. If you need to deploy artifacts of a build, the usual approach is to create a Build Configuration that will have a deployment logic implemented and run it when necessary to perform the deployment tasks. The approach is described in the documentation:


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