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We are interrested in having the statistics of personal builds.
All charts and statistical data are available for public builds of a given configuration but we don't know how to collect data for personal builds.
Is there any way to get those statistics for a given configuration?

For a build, the only way, we are aware of, to get those values is to go to 'Parameters' tab and go to 'Reported statistic values'.
It is ok to do that for a particular build but our goal is to have those data on every builds.
Our objective is to have statistics on our remote runs that are by construction personal.

A cool feature could be in the statistics tab of a configuration to have the ability to include or exclude personal build from graphs (like the check box for 'Show failed').
Another idea could be to be able to add a customized column in the build history that grab a statistical data.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi Arnaud,

Unfortunately statistics for personal builds is not supported at the moment. We have the feature request, which is going to implemented in the next major release. Please watch/vote for this request.


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