TC on Windows with Mercurial

I'm getting the following obscure error:

Failed for the root '"myvcsrootname" {instance id=2, parent internal id=1, parent id=myproj_myvcsrootname, description: "mercurial: https://bitbucket/project1"}: 'hg --config ui.interactive=False pull --config extensions.progress= --config "progress.format=topic number" --config progress.delay=0 --config progress.assume-tty=True https://[user]:******[user]/[project]' command failed.
stderr: abort: repository C:\TeamCity\bin\%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\JetBrains\TeamCity\system\caches\mercurial\hg_-5279579285027873633 not found!

My VCS configuration is basic:
     Pull from:[useracct]/[repo-name]
     Branch: Default
     Username: ...
     Password: ...
     everything else is default
     Test connection successful!

But when I run I get the above error.

I can run hg from the command line no problem (the hg executable is accessible, HG Command path: hg).
If I run the above command in the shell I get:

abort: no repository found in 'C:\[mycurrentdir]' (.hg not found)!

This makes sense because I'm not in my repo root.

I can't tell if TC is running into the same issue, but if it is how do I specify where the repo root is?  I tried using the path to the repo in the "VCS Root Name", but same error and the documents are very confusing.  I've tried a number of other online resources, but haven't found a working solution.  I don't think this is a permissions issue (file-system or repo).  I can attach the stack trace, but the only useful information I could find is the error I posted above.

Team City 9.1
Windows Server 2008 R2 (Windows 7)
Mercurial 3.3.3

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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Hi Brian,

Sorry for delay. The repository path "C:\TeamCity\bin\%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\JetBrains\TeamCity\system\caches\mercurial\hg_-5279579285027873633" looks incorrect. How did you configure TeamCity Data directory? Could you please echo %ALLUSERSPROFILE% and %TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH% variables?

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Hi Alina,

Thanks for responding.

Initially, TeamCity set the data directory INSIDE the Windows directory.  I don't rememeber the exact path, but it was something like  C:\Windows\system32\...   This created some obvious permissions issues, so I ended up changing the data directory per a recommendation in the TeamCity docs (  These docs are for TeamCity 8, so maybe the recommended data directory location for TeamCity 9 is different, can you confirm?  Per the docs I added TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH as a system environment variable.  The variable value is set to %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\JetBrains\TeamCity.  

When I echo these vars I get:

PS C:\Users\bwalker> echo $ENV:ALLUSERSPROFILE
PS C:\Users\bwalker> echo $ENV:TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH
PS C:\Users\bwalker>

I'm not sure why 'C:\TeamCity\bin' is being prepended to the data directory path.


I changed the data directory parameter to an explicit path C:\ProgramData\JetBrains\TeamCity in the and re-initialized the build directory.  I had to redo the project and build configs, but it is now correctly able to initialize the VCS root.  

It appears there is a problem with how TeamCity interprets environment variables.  

Let me know if you need additional information.

Thanks for the assistance!



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