Agents authorize on build start and deauth when build completes

  I was wondering if TeamCity or some plugin supports a more dynamic way of handling agent authorizations. In our TeamCity setup we have three types of agents: Windows build agents, Windows integration/UI testing agents, and Ubuntu agents. Our problem is with agent utilization -- the Ubuntu and Windows build agents have relatively low usage, whereas the integration agents are heavily used. It would be great to have a way to automatically assign licenses to agents based on job demand. Why can't authorization work like this:

  - a few pools of static agents, ubuntu, windows build, and windows integration
  - sum of the sizes of the pools should exceed the number of licenses we own by a goodly amount
  - when a job comes in, the job gets assigned to the proper agent type, and that agent grabs a license and runs the job
  - when the job finishes, the agent releases the license

That way, when build agents are not in use, we can use their licenses to run more UI tests.

This may be achievable using cloud agents but we'd rather not do that for a couple reasons:
- Since our primary usage pattern would be almost all licenses used for integration testing with short interruptions to do a build, the time it takes to deploy and configure a cloud agent image would slow us down
- We run on OpenStack and the cloud agent plugin for OpenStack seems immature at present


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Hi Craig,

It seems that what you ask is checking not the number of agents which can run builds, but the number of running builds. There are no nearest plans to change the agent licensing. This would be a serious change from commercial point of view, so we have no specific plans to change it yet.
Please vote for the related request in our tracker:

At this time the only alike approach is used within the TeamCity cloud integration plugins (for example bundled
Amazon EC2 support and others). There is no bundled support for OpenStack, please vote for and try a third-party plugin.

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Thanks I upvoted that issue!


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