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We've got these set up, we are receiving email notifications, they are definatly working.  However we aren't receiving the notifications that we're expecting.  Can anyone help.  I assumed that unless we set up a specific notification rule for a user, then the rule that is set for the 'All Users' group would be inherited.  This is fine if the 'Builds from the selected project' option is checked, however if the 'Builds affected by my changes' option is checked then no notifications are sent out.  We don't want all our users getting notifications about all builds.  Am I going to have to go into every user and set a profile?  Thats just not practicle.  In addition, there seems to be hardly any entries in the teamcity-notifications.log file.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jamie Worsley

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Hi Jon,

Notification rules are inherited from groups. To unsubscribe from group notifications, user should add his/her own rule with the same watched builds and different notification events.
If you create notification rule for "All users" group to watch "Builds affected by my changes", then all users should get notifications about build affected by their changes. Please note that users have VCS username configured correctly, so TeamCity can understand by whom changes were made. To check that everything is configured correctly please open Changes > hovering the mouse cursor over the user name in the table > are the VCS username and TeamCity user name correct?
Also you can enable debug-notifications logging preset on Administration > Diagnostics page to print more details in teamcity-notification.log.

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Ahh great, thanks, I will have a try at those options.


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