Number of build agents, what does it mean exactly

If we have a license for 3 build agents, what does it mean exactly?

That no more than 3 agents can register to the server?
That no more than 3 agents can run build types in parallel?
Or something else?

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Hi Ernesto,

It means that not more than 3 agents can be simultaneously authorized on TeamCity server. Please find more details in the documentation:

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I would have prefered it if no more than a number of agents can run in parallel instead of the authorization mechanism

Maybe I can automate authorization and unauthorization, either by REST API or if not possible then with Selenium.

Because we need a larger pool of autorized agents (yes, we could buy an additional agent, but we would like to have 3 agents run in parallel and maybe 6 agents in total pool).

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We have the related request to implement floating license pool for agents: Please vote for it.
For current solutions please see the related thread:


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