Error output produced by git.exe

Hello everyone. I am running a local git server under Active Directiry. TeamCity is also set up under AD. I have created a user that TeamCity uses to communicate with the git server. Everything works fine, but the local administrator often gets errors that the user gets locked (caused by incorrect password). I have checked the password entered in TeamCity and the check-out process run normally. In the log I can find the following though:

[2015-09-08 17:17:24,660]   WARN -      jetbrains.buildServer.VCS - Error output produced by: git.exe -c core.askpass=C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp\pass2564034843650518018.bat fetch --progress origin +refs/heads/develop:refs/remotes/origin/develop

I am using the latest version of TeamCity (9.1.1). Could it be that some credentials are not sent correctly "once in a while"? How can I see the output of this command in order to fingure out what the issue is? :)

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You should probably check all the places where your credentials are configured. These can be for example:
- IDE plugins
- credentials used in automated scripts
- VCS roots credentials
I'd start by figuring out what service originates the credentials checks which fail. You can check TeamCity server logs for any related entries or try to get the information from the domain servers.
If that is TeamCity, we might need to get diagnostics information from the logs (e.g. teamcity-auth.log with debug-auth logging preset) to figure out the origin of the incorrect authentication requests and then find the root cause.

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The problem is caused by the agent. The server works fine, but the agent produces this error once in a while and causes the account to be locked. I enabled the debugging on the agent for VCS, but I cannot see the output of this command, i.e. why there is a warning.

I tried to set up the account to use wincred for communication with git. I set up both windows services (teamcity and the agent) to run under this account. I set up the git communication on TeamCity to be anonymous. But now the server cannot authenticate at all. (If I log in with the account and manually try to call git, it works, i.e. I am not asked for credentials but they are extracted with the help of wincred).

How can I see more details about it? Seems like the password sent from the server to the agent does not work evey time. How is this temporary bat file generated?


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