MacOS agent incompatible after upgrade to Xcode 7

after upgrading Xcode to ver 7 (from 6.4) on the build agent machine, suddenly the builds stopped starting, and the server reports that no compatible agents found.

The agent is active and listed in the Agents tab on the server. Here is the agent info, as displayed in TC server:

  • Operating system: Mac OS X, version 10.10.5
  • CPU rank: 524
  • Pool: Default
  • Version: 29993

We have TeamCity server ver. 8.1.2. The server says that no compatible agents are found:

Unmet requirements:

  • tools.xcode.home exists       
  • tools.xcode.version.major is not less than       3
  • tools.xcode.platform.macosx exists

What should I change in the build configuration steps in order to restore the builds?

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Hi Svetoslav,

What TeamCity version do you use?
Experimental support for Xcode 7 has been added in TeamCity 9.1. Please follow the instructions from the documentation:

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It is TC 8.1. Is there a way to make it work w/o upgrade?

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It is not possible to run XCode in TeamCity 8.1. The only workaround is to run xcode command using Command Line runner. However in this case tests won't be reported.
So we would recommend you to upgrade to the latest TeamCity version (9.1.3 as of now).


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