Perforce Check-out on Linux agent

Hi there,

I was testing upgrading our TeamCity server from version 8.0.6 to 9.1.1, and found out there are some differences in terms of checking out resources by using Perforce.
For example, I have a workspace in Perforce with a mapping like this:

//Depot/SourceCode/PythonCode/... //PYTHON_IMPLEMENTATION/...

Assume I have three files,,, in the workspace(in the directory of PythonCode).

By running the build with Perforce as VCS root, in 8.0.6, the working directory of the Linux build agent looks like this:


But in 9.1.1, there is just a directory work/e4d42d13a9ec7153/. And the files are like:


Seems like the workspace name (PYTHON_IMPLEMENTATION) was skipped in the hierarchy of check out directory on build agent.

Is this a configuration issue in VCS root? Or is this a new feature that was introduced afterwards TC8.0.6?


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Hi Yang,

The behavior has not changed since 8.0.6. Please attach screenshot of the VCS root settings and teamcity-vcs.log file.


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