Changes for the build should include all changes since the last SUCCESSFUL build


We have build configuration which actually does deployment and it is very convenient to see the list of Changes included with each particular deployment.

The problem is that deployment occasionally may be faulty and TeamCity properly shows such "builds" as failed. We expect the list of Changes to include everything since the last successful deployment, but actually it only shows the changes since previous deployment (regardless of it being successful or not). Do you see the problem? Changes included for deployment which failed get rolled out with the next successful deployment, but from TC point of view they are never applied.

Is there a way to change that behavior?

Thank you!


Hi Konstantin,

At the moment TeamCity generates the list of changes since the previous build. We have the related request:, please vote for it.
As current workaround you can get the list of changes since last successful build using REST API.


This is aklso the behavior we expect. We moved to teamcity from Jenkins. Jenkins rolls up all changes since the last successful build but I've seen no option to turn this on for Team City.


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