Limit JUnit Logging

Is there any way to limit the amount printed to the build log by TeamCity's JUnit?  Some of our tests print A LOT of extra output to System.out.  This is useful for debugging, so, we don't necessarily want to get rid of it.  Using ANT, we get around crowded build logs by using two formatters.  One, XML, hase all of this info and we run a JUnit report after the tests so we have the debugging info if needed.  The other formatter used is for printing to the console just a summary and prints only 2 lines per test.  Is there any way to similarly control TeamCity to reduce the logging?  Because of the amount of tests for some configurations, the full build log can become HUGE (25+ MB) and takes forever to load/download.



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I'm afraid there is no way to drop the output reported by tests from the build log unless you use another runner then Ant. Fiil free to file an issue request for this.

Workaround would be to run your build using command-line runner and importing test results using XML report functionality, but I am not sure this approach is suitable.

Generally, build logs of 30Mb size should be processed without big issues. Were do you experience the most significant slow down? What do you mean by slow "load"?

BTW, what Teamcity version do you use?

There were some fixes for displaying build results with buildlarge test output in TeamCity 5.0. If you plan to upgrade, it might improve.

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Any changes on this? I downloaded TeamCity Professional 9.1.3 and I am seeing the same issue: JUnit XML system-out and system-err contents are printed to the Build Log. With thousands of tests, this is not viable. There is a "Verbose" check box in the XML Report Processing "Ant JUnit" configuration menu, and one way of the other has not made a difference in the Build Log.


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