Question about VCS setting: "Clone repository to" leading to caches in TC Home

Hi all,

I noticed today that there are a bunch of mercurial cache files created under TeamCity Home in the bin folder and on another location (with a windows specific path). Reason appears to be the VCS root setting "Clone repository to" which yields to a   <param name="serverClonePath" value="MyValue" /> in the vcs root xml file. If set like this, it creates a folder "MyValue" in my $TEAMCITY_HOME/bin.

All users can thus directly write to the file system in any location. How can I prevent this? Why is this setting there anyway? Why would you want users, who are able to create VCS roots, to determine where the cache is written on the server?

We use TeamCity 9.0.3 on Windows and are migrating to 9.1.3 on Ubuntu, therefore I noticed the strange folders created in the $TEAMCITY_HOME/bin folder with a windows pathname after starting the server.

Hope someone can explain or help me how to prevent this from happening. Under Ubuntu, I will run TeamCity as a specific user (not root), so it is an option to deny access to folders other than the specified data folder.

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After removing those entries in the VCS roots, I noticed that you cannot recreate them. So apparently/maybe these are leftovers of an older version of TeamCity.

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Hi Mariska,

This property was removed since TeamCity 9.0. If you have old VCS roots, please check the related xml files and remove this property.
Sorry for the inconvinience.


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