Process exited with code 137

I am occasionally seeing this issue when running my builds on TeamCity Enterprise 9.0.2 (build 32195).

This is from the log:

[09:10:01][Step 5/5] .[INFO/Process-5] process shutting down
[09:10:01][Step 5/5] [DEBUG/Process-5] running all "atexit" finalizers with priority >= 0
[09:10:01][Step 5/5] [DEBUG/Process-5] running the remaining "atexit" finalizers
[09:10:01][Step 5/5] [INFO/Process-5] process exiting with exitcode 0
[09:13:21][Step 5/5] Process exited with code 137
[09:13:22][Step 5/5] Step Run acceptance tests (Command Line) interrupted

Can you provide some suggestion on how this can be debugged?


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Hi Valerio,

Please try run the same build via command line in the working directory on agent under the same user. For more details see the guideline. What is the result?


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