GIT personal builds on tracked branch?

I thought this would 'just work', but it does not seem to.

I have a remote branch monitored with my Teamcity VCS root, and when I push changes to it all builds trigger as expected.

Now I have the remote branch checked out in a tracked branch in my local clone, and it has a few uncommited changes.

When I do a personal build, the local changes are applied to 'master', not my tracked branch.  Also, even if I happen to be on master, the personal build does not transfer all local unpushed commits - only the uncommitted changes go in, which sometimes results in spurrious errors.

Do you have some hints on how to get this all working? We are long time SVN users and are still getting used to GIT and how to leverage it in Teamcity.


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It seems this has been discussed: javascript:;


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