TeamCity build.vcs.number seems to be incorrect

%build.vcs.number% seems to be incorrect for some jobs which we are  running. The VCS which we use is Perforce. The job uses depot //a/, but  the %build.vcs.number% is a changelist number associated ith a different depot.

A coworker suggested to use teamcity.perforce.always.allowCaching=true in the file on the TC server. Unfortunately this did not correct the issue.

Any ideas ?

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Hi James,

Do you use client name or client mapping? It's recommended to use client mapping, specified directly in the VCS Root in TeamCity. See the related issue:

However even if client mapping is used instead of client name, TeamCity doesn't always show revision of the last change in VCS Root for the build. This is a known issue for a newly created or edited VCS root until there is a change committed and detected by TeamCity. Related issue is Please vote for it.
As a workaround, committing a change and running a build should help.


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