Agent's Showing as disconnected after SSL Certificate renewal


I have changed the SSL Certificate of our Team City instance (Windows Server 2012). However the build agents (Hosted locally on the server) do not reconnect with the Team City server with the upgraded SSL Certificate?

The Agent log displays the following: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target
Am I right in thinking that the agent cannot authenticate its own Java Keystore to the ROOT CA authority of my new SSL Certificate?

Any idea's as to how to rememdy this?

Thank's in advance.

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Hi Daniel,

This warning means that you would need to install the certificate into JVM used by the agent, here are some related notes on the process.

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Hi Alina,

I have installed the Publicly signed certificate into the Keystore for the build agent. However, these are still not being picked up?

Do I need to install an environment variable to pass the parameters for the ROOT of the publicly avaiable CA? As this wasn't required for the previous certificate?



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Did you perform all the steps described in the documentation including configuring build agent properties? If yes, what errors do you see? Please attach teamcity-server.log and teamcity-agent.log.


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