Some builds don't show up on dependencies list


I have two jobs, one for building assemblies, and one for building installers that use the assemblies built by the first job. We use Git and feature branches and normally, when we build the installers, we simply pick the master assemblies. Sometimes I have to override this default behavior, at which point I use the custom run build dialog, select the specific assemblies I want from the dependencies dropdown, and run the build.

I encountered two related issues in this dropdown:
1. It is very short. Since we are using feature branches, the assemblies I want to pick are often not shown because other developers committed changes to their feature branches. The list has no edit capabilities so I cannot pick a specific build number or branch.
2. It looks like the list omits builds with no changes. I discovered this when trying to deal with issue #1. I manually triggered a build for a feature branch so I can pick its assemblies from the list, but they never showed up. I had to commit a dummy change, just so an auto-build would be triggered for this branch, at which point the assemblies showed up in the dependencies dialog. Maybe the dependencies list is only updated for triggered builds?

I might be missing a setting somewhere, but I could not find a way to change the dependencies list behavior. If there is one, I would like to know where it is.If not, is it possible to fix one of these issues, so I can avoid using dummy commits?

Thank you


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Hi Rami,

1. To increase the number of builds loaded in the dropdown of the custom run build dialog please use internal property teamcity.runCustomBuild.buildsLimit=100 (see the section).
2. All finished builds should be listed in the dropdown. Please try to increase the number of loaded builds (as noted above) and check wether the build with no changes appeares.

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Thank you for the reply. I will adjust the internal property to increase the number of builds showing in the list.
As for #2, you are correct. It looks like the list is semi-sorted so some builds are pushed down.



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