[Windows 10] I need help trying to completely purge all TeamCity + Plugins Data

Ok, I really need help trying to delete ALL of the TeamCity + Plugins (Upsource, Hub, and YouTrack) data off of my computer so I can do a complete and clean start over. I basically messed up setting up my TeamCity and Hub (the Hub mainly because I now can't change the base URL on it). I just want to start over and slowly build TeamCity again first then add the plugins. Anyone know how to do this on Windows 10?


Hi Nova,

If TeamCity is installed as service, then please use "Add or Remove Programs" from Control Panel.
All TeamCity related data is stored in TeamCity Data directory, TeamCity installation directory and in database (if you use internal database it's also located in TC Data directory). TeamCity plugins are also stored in TeamCity Data Directory. If TeamCity is not installed as service, then you should delete these two folder.


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