Problems with CTest XML Report Processing

Hi all,

I am trying to add a Build Feature which does XML Report Processing on CTest results file. The issue is that TeamCity seems to be unable to get the path properly. For example, I get the following:

[11:24:40]CTest report watcher
[11:24:40][CTest report watcher] No reports found for paths:
[11:24:40][CTest report watcher] +|-:/path/to/logs/dir/<runtime_filled>/my_repo/*_ctest.xml

Regardless of what I put in the Monitoring rules, I always get the "<runtime_filled>" part in the search path. This obviously is not OK. What am I doing wrong here? Do I have to do something extra?
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Hello Mohamed,

XML report processing build feature searches for files in the checkout directory. How did you specify the checkout directory? Please attach full build log.

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Hi Alina,

Thanks for your reply. I overlooked the part regarding "checkout directory". Now, I managed to put them in the right place and get TeamCity to parse them. See:

[12:13:52]CTest report watcher
[12:13:52][CTest report watcher] 3 reports found for paths:
[12:13:52][CTest report watcher] +:src/my_repo/ctest_reports/*.xml
[12:13:52][CTest report watcher] Successfully parsed
[12:13:52][Successfully parsed] 3 reports
[12:13:52][Successfully parsed] src/my_repo/ctest_reports/RelWithDebInfo_ctest.xml
[12:13:52][Successfully parsed] src/my_repo/ctest_reports/Release_ctest.xml
[12:13:52][Successfully parsed] src/my_repo/ctest_reports/Debug_ctest.xml

However, I don't see any "Tests" tab in the final TeamCity report. Where do the results of parsing the files go to?
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Cloud you please open this build and attach the screenshot of the whole TeamCity page in browser?
Also you can attach your xml files so I test how they are parsed.


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