Displaying the svn:externals revision number (Subversion)

How can I determine/display the revision number of any svn:externals used during the build? The svn:externals are set to track HEAD, but I would like to know exactly which revision number was used during the build in order to replicate any issues locally. Under the 'Build Parameters' tab for a build I can 'build.vcs.number.1' but only for the main repository.

We are using 'Checkout mode' set to 'Automatically on server'.
In the 'SVN Connection Settings', we have 'Externals support' set to 'Full Support'.

Also, do chained builds use the same svn:externals revision or is the latest svn:externals used over time as the builds in the chain get built?

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Hi William,

Thank you for your feedback. We have the same request in out tracker https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-5864, please vote for it.
The revision of externals is synchonized if "Full support" mode is selected. In this case the "same sources snapshot" revisions means revisions taken simultaneously at some moment in time. So if Subversion repositories connected through externals is used, then the system time at the VCS server, TeamCity server and TeamCity agent (if agent-side checkout is used) should be synchronized.


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