TeamCity VS Addin - TFS excluded files show up in remote run

I'm implementing this "gated" build with TeamCity, one annoying that happens is:

When I go to remote run to do a pre-commit build, in the file selection, the files I have excluded in the TFS pending changes show up there, I need to be careful not to select them.
Is there a way for the addin to ignore the excluded changes I have ?

Also is there a way to still enforce my checkin policies? (CodeAnalysis, WorkItem)



Hi Ricardo,

Do you mean that the files are excluded by checkout rules in the build configuration in TeamCity?
The remote run dialog shows all files that were modified. When you select some files a list of applicable TeamCity build configurations is displayed. There could be different checkout rules in these build configuration. How and where do you expect the files to be ignored?

There is JetBrains TFS Work Items plugin for Visual Studio Online: and also a third-party plugin:
Please vote for the feature request


No, I mean in the pending changes dialog within VS, there is a staging area where you can select files to be included or excluded when you do a checkin.
When I open the remote run dialog, I don't see this distinction, all the files are present, which is annoying because some files we never check in.
What does that tfs-worktiem-plugin do?

Also I just found out that the TeamCity plugin is not enforcing my TFS checkin policies: eg I could checkin without a workitem associated whereas when I try to do so from the normal pending changes, I can't.
This is very problematic for me. Is there a way to fix this?


Hi. Can you help me out?
I've added a reply with some questions.


Hi Ricardo,
1. TeamCity Local Changes tool window doesn't connect to build-in Changes VS tool window. it's because AFAIK there is no API to read these user preferences (excluded/included paths).
2. Actually TeamCity Addin enforce standard policies if any configured. There is a TFS tab in Remote run dialog for it. Looks like this is not working as expected in your case. Please provide more details how exactly have you set up your Policies?


1. OK, so could we not get something similar to the exclude functionality in our TeamCity plugin local changes dialog? Would be very useful, there's items we never (except on very rare occasions) want to checkin.
2. We tested this and were able to checkin something without a work item associated with the changeset (we have a checkin policy to prevent this) and it did go through, so these aren't being enforced.


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