Deleted Files and Server Side Checkouts

Today i found a file in the working directory of our build agent that was git renamed to another name several months ago.  I'm sort of baffeled as to how a file clearly renamed in git still exists on the agent...  in our case this caused me 8 hours of my day.

What i suspect happened is that since we have the "VCS checkout mode" is set to "Automatically on server" that that process of patching on the build agent doesn't deleted the orginal file on a git rename.

Does anyone know what the actual rules as to what is copied/deleted for these incremental patches?

What are the general cleaning rules on the build agent when server side checkouts are used?  Is anything cleaned at all?  Is there control over what is cleaned?

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Hi Tom,

If the file is renamed, it is deleted and a files with a new is created in the agent work directory while applying patch. It's not clear why the file was not deleted.
Did you change checkout rules? If the old file was excluded it wouldn't be deleted. Or probably it could not be deleted while aplying patch. Could you please check teamcity-agent.log and teamcity-vcs.log on agent machine for any warning/errors?
Also you can use agent-side checkout, it's recommended one as more effective with regard to data transfers and VCS server communications.


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