Inspection differences between TeamCity and Resharper in Visual Studio

Hi all,

I'm using TeamCity and I have Resharper installed in my Visual Studio 2013.

After running the builds in TeamCity, I have a step which runs inspection using the default settings, and I'll get reports on warnings and errors in my solution.

When developing in VS2013, Resharper does not mark those lines as errors, but when going through the Inspection in TeamCity, those lines are marked as errors.

Why are there differences between the TeamCity Inspections and Resharper in VS2013? This is making it hard to track and fix the errors since the errors are reported in TeamCity but not in VS2013.

How can I get the same configuration?

Please advise.


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What TeamCity version do you use? There are basically 3 contributing factors to the code issues reported:

  • inspection settings profile used locally and in TeamCity build;
  • set of sources and libraries present on disk locally and in TeamCity build;
  • version of the ReSharper used

Please make sure you have these factors the same in the build and on your local machine.

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Hi Alina,

I'm using TeamCity Enterprise 9.0.4 (build 32407), and in my Visual Studio 2013 I'm using ReSharper Ultimate 10.0.1.

How can I check the version of the ReSharper used in TeamCity?


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You can find the version of the ReSharper used by TeamCity in the build log. TeamCity 9.0.4 uses 9.x ReSharper version. ReSharper 10.0.0 was included in TeamCity 9.1.4, TeamCity 9.1.5 uses ReSharper 10.0.2 release. Please consider the upgrade to the latest version.


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