Powershell build runner and run spaces?

Teamcity 9.1.5
Windows 2012 R2

Attempting to run powershell runspaces to multithread query processes. In console effort takes less than 5 minutes for ~400 endpoints. In Teamcity, same task will take ~30minutes.

Does teamcity powershell build runner not support runspaces?

For example following build step command (Powershell x64 runner) :

$obarray = gc c:\temp\endpoints.txt
& C:\MultiThreading.ps1 $obarray -Command C.\myscript.ps1

With multithreading.ps1 being the script found here: http://www.get-blog.com/?p=189 and myscript.ps1 being simple http calls. Myscript.ps1 could be replaced with just about anything.


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