REST API: Determine not yet run build types?

Is there a way to search for all build types which have not been run yet, which means where there is no build yet?

I mean with the REST API?

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Hello Ernesto,

I do not think that it's possible with one REST API request. Why do you need to get this information?

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I was on vacation and can answer now.

I create and synchronize automatically thousands of build plans with REST API.

There are two types of build plans, core and extensions. A core build triggers an extension build and both build types have also VCS triggers.

If I do a initial create of all build plans I could start the core builds at the end since they would trigger all extension builds.

But if I synchronize the build plans it could mean that only some extension builds have been added. Then I don't want to trigger all core builds just to run these few extension builds since that would take very long.

I thought a strategy which works both for the initial create of all build plans and for the synchronization of them would be to start all build plans which have not been built yet. That seems to be the easiest solution.


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