Email Notifications to include coverage statistics

Hello TeamCity helpers

We run code coverage on our weekly build jobs and would like the code coverage displayed in the Build Reports in Team city to be included in the email notifications sent out .

How do we modify the notification template to include the code coverage statistics ?

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Classes: 63.6%63.6% 1610/2530 Methods: 55.7%55.7% 18124/32497 Statements: 53.5%53.5% 62620/116871
Diff: -0.44% Diff: -0.04% Diff: -0.3%

Thanks in advance

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Hello Husain,

Unfortunately there is no ability to include coverage report into email notification message. Please vote for this feature request at

As of now you can write a TeamCity Java plugin to include custom data into the notification message.


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Hi Husain das,

You can refer my post to include the code coverage statistics in notification.



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