TeamCity 3.1.1 Eclipse plugin issues

Hello all,

We use TeamCity 3.1.1 as a version control tool for our J2EE project (a team of about 40 developers working on a project of about 30 maven modules). Everyone has been using IntelliJ with the Teamcity plugin, which works just fine. I have been trying out a new eclipse environment using m2eclipse for our project since a couple of months.

First thing I would like to say is that the TeamCity plugin downloaded from our 3.1.1 (build 6828) server for eclipse does not work with subclipse 1.4.x (none of the menus or views in eclipse show up), although this is notes on the plugin website. I tried different eclipse 3.4.1 ganymede distros, with only m2eclipse and subclipse installed as additional plugins. The plugin does work with subclipse 1.2.x, but even then there are some annoying issues:

  • When opening the Remote Run view, eclipse tends to be totally unresponsive for about 20 minutes, after which it becomes responsive again. After this period all the changed files in svn are detected and ready to send to remote run. I thinks this is because the plugin is going through all the project files (which can be about 30,000) to scan for changes in files. Still, eclipse shouldn't say 'not responding' in the task manager and a progress bar would be more convenient here.
  • The integration of subclipse 1.2.x and the teamcity plugin already gave me a lot of trouble. Subclipse sometimes crashes the whole JVM when I use JavaHL (due to the deep folder icon issue, but also because of other reasons)
  • I also noticed that the new plugin TeamCity 4.0 plugin is not backward compatible with our current 3.1.1 server.

Is there any way I can solve this issue? Or is there an update available of this plugin on the net?
It would be great to be able to work with the 1.4.x versions of subclipse, which seem to be much more stable.


Jeroen Peelaerts.



TeamCity Eclipse plugin was greately improved in 4.0 version. Both Subclipse and Subversive are supported, meny issues fixed.

Is upgrading the server to the latest released TeamCity verison an option?


So, no possible workarounds for the 'hang' issue?

Is there a hack by which I can use the TeamCity 4.0 plugin with the 3.0 version? or is this impossible?

thanks for your help,




I am afraid there is no posibility to backport plugin improvemets into 3.x versions. I also could not suggest of a workaround for your configuration.

We would be glad to investigate the issue if it reproduces in TeamCity 4.x versions.


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