XML Test Reporting

I would love to use the XML test reporting plugin for processing output from GoogleTest (c++ unit testing framework).

Looks like the plugin ships with 4.5.1, but Im running 4.0.2 and the SA is hesitant to upgrate.
Is there a version of the plugin that is compatible with the older TeamCity version Im running?  Will the current version of the plugin work?  The compatability section of the plugin doc suggests that it wont...


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To work correctly XML test reporting plugin requires some API which is only available in 4.5. So far we do not plan to backport this plugin to 4.0, so if you want to use this plugin the only choice is to upgrade to 4.5. Maybe you can convince your SA to create separate TC installation using the data from your 4.0 installation backup just to check how it goes.


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