TeamCity Addon Instalation (VersionOne)

I am following the following documentationL

Can someone give me more detail around the TeamCity Configuration Step 1.  I placed the 3 jar files in the directory that they mention but even after I restart the server the VersionOne section does not appear on the page as the documentation states. I am sure I am doing something wrong.


also I couldn't find a search feature in theses forums so I am sorry if this question is already posted somewhere.



Try unpacking the jars from the download into .BuildServer\plugins\TeamCityNotificator

If that does not work either, please post logs\teamcity-server.log for the moment of server startup.

BTW, please note that the plugin is not compatible with TeamCity 4.5.

PS Search box is in the top-right corner of this page


Compatibility with VersionOne plugin will be fixed in TeamCity 4.5.4


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