I am writing a plugin that extends AgentLifeCycleAdapter. I try to run it and I get this error Unsatisfied dependency expressed through constructor argument with index 0 of type... I couldn't seem to figure out what was wrong. I ended up trying to run this with no code just simply a class that extends AgentLifeCycleAdapter, and a blank contructor. I still get the error. According to your javadocs on this API AgentLifeCycleAdapter's default constructor is empty so I don't get what this error is all about. I even tried extending from LoggerFactory to make sure I had my build paths set correctly and it works fine. This is very frustrating.

Extend from jetbrains.buildServer.agent.AgentLifeCycleAdapter which has a blank constructor doesn't work.
Extend from jetbrains.buildServer.agent.LoggerFactory which has a blank constructor too works fine.

I don't know if the javadocs are wrong and there should be something in the contructor for AgentLifeCycleAdaptor or if I am doing something wrong. Hopefully someone can help. Also since my subject for this is frustration I am also going to throw out that I am frustrated I have waited a whole week and have got no answer to my other post. I am halfway expecting no answer to this one as well, so I am not even sure why I am writing it. Also am frustrated that whenever I log into this site it goes right back to guest but when I try it a second time it logs me in fine. So every time I have to log in I must do it twice. Annoying. I am running firefox ver 3.0.11 if you guys were wanting to fix that bug.



Ended up having to put an instance of the interface PagePlaces into the constuctor even though the javadocs state the constuctor is blank. This is frustrating again and I hope the rest of the API doesn't end up to have more mistakes.


Nope forget my last post that didn't work either. What is wrong with this? Man I hope it is not just me doing something stupid.



Sorry for the delay with replying.

To the problem with AgentLifeCycleAdapter: Can you attach a sample that produces the error?

There are several examples of the AgentLifeCycleAdapter extending in our open-sourcerd plugins.

As to twice login to this forum, I guess after the login you need to reload the page (e.g. with Ctrl+R) for the forums to recognize the user. I believe this is an issue with Jive forums that we use as forums engine.

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Probably the reason of your problems is that you are trying to use AgentLifeCycleAdapter in the server side plugin. AgentLifeCycleAdapter class is for agent plugins only, your code extending this class will work on the agent side and won't on the server simply because there is no AgentLifeCycleAdapter class on the server side. Could you please describe in more details what kind of plugin you want to create?


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