How to add a Link to the Build Type pages?

Hello. I'm trying to make the Team Piazza plugin more user friendly. I'd like to let users follow a link from the Build Type page to the Piazza build monitor for that build.

How can I add a link to the Build Type page? Ideally, I'd like to add the link to the list of Permalinks at the bottom of the page, but adding it anywhere on the page would be fine. I can't find a PlaceId that identifies the part of the page I want to extend.

Thanks for any help.



At the moment all you can do is to register your extension to ALL_PAGES_HEADER place id and return isAvailable() == true for requests starting with /viewType.html. Then you will need to add your content to the desired place with help of JavaScript. Feel free to submit feature request for extension point on the overview tab.


How do I know what page the request is for?  The request passed to isAvailable always returns null from getPathInfo().  The getRequestURI() sometimes returns a relative path to a .jsp, other times to a .html. What should I be testing?


You can either use getRequestURI() but as you can see it can return path to JSP for cases when one JSP includes another. Or you can use TC specific pageUrl attribute: request.getAttribute("pageUrl"). pageUrl should correspond to URL in the browser address bar.


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