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I'd like to add an option to the build triggering configuration so that a build can be triggered even if the dependency build failed. Because I am using TeamCity to chain tests together with each test being a configuration in TeamCity like this:

Build -> Test1 -> Test2 -> Test3 -> ...

Test1 will be triggered when Build is successful, and Test2 will be triggered after Test1 finished but does NOT care if Test1 pass or fail, same with Test3 being trigger after Test2 finished.

I guess I'll have to develop a Custom Build Trigger plugin to achieve this, right? I had some Java programming experience in eclipse many years ago but no plugin experience at all. I browsed through the "Developing TeamCity Plugin" section but still not too sure where to start. I have installed IntelliJ IDEA. I also found a big section about IntelliJ IDEA Plugins (, I am wondering if the information there applies to what I want to do as well.

I guess what I really hope to get is some instruction on the steps I need to do in order to develop and apply the plugin to my TeamCity server.

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Sorry for delay. To create TeamCity plugin you can use any Java IDE (not only IntelliJ IDEA). Our documentation related to plugin development is here:

I would start with these pages:

For information about Custom Build Trigger, read this:


Hi Pavel,

What would be really good is if there was an example trigger. I'm trying to add a maximum retry on the retry trigger, which is, in theory, an easy thing to do. But the documentation you point to is sparse and the api is dense..

Do you have example code..


I agree, an example trigger would be very helpful.


TW-3677 "Option for a dependency trigger to trigger a  build even if the dependent build faile" would do just what we need. Is there any development plan for this feature? Thanks!



There are no defined plans yet but chances are it can be included into 6.0. Actually, more votes from different users - more chances


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