Git tags not brought over

I cannot get TeamCity to bring over tags from my github repository. They are in the remote repository (I can see them and pull them down locally fine) and are reachable from the HEAD. What command is being used by Team City to fetch the data from the git repository the first time? It doesn't let me force the --tags switch on the command and I can't find a log that has what the commands being fired by TeamCity are.
I have it set to build on the agent (not server) .

Any guidance on how to make sure tags are brought over? Should I first clone the repository manually on the build server ? This seems like a workaround.

I am using TeamCity v5.1 (most recent drop).


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Mike, you are right, tags are not supported yet.
You can see commands ran by TeamCity by enabling Version Control Debug Logging. Currently we run fetch with option --no-tags. As workaround you can run "git fetch" in the working directory on agent, it will fetch you tags.
For full support of tags please vote for this request.


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